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A--Aojian, the first letter of Aojian evolved and sublimated as abbreviation of“Love(Ai represents love in Chinese pronunciation)”.
A--Artificial, the first letter of Artificial then evolved and sublimated as abbreviation of (Ai).
G-Grass, is the first letter of Grass.
The logo of “AAG” is carrying two “Love”--Moving with love(Ai) forward--Proves that this is a career of love. With artificial grass as a link, carrying love and spreading love to the people all over the world--Delivery of love:A+A!

AAG Company culture: Every partners of Aojian Artificial Grass Industry Limited(There are no employee in AAG, only partners)believe and always trusting what we are doing is a career of love and doing this career with the love in our heart! Spontaneously this love will be delivered to our clients and partners always! Because this is the career that we need to striving and inheriting together.

Every client who had cooperated with AAG before, you are not only our clients, but our cooperated partner! Because we believe you and love you deeply in heart.
The pleasure of love: It is doing a love career, in the place i love together with the person i love! And spreading this love career to the whole world!
I love and focus on AAG that makes me more professional!

AoJian artificial turf industry Co. Ltd. (Brand: AAG) is a professional production of various kinds of football field turf, artificial turf landscape greening, artificial grass, decorative artificial grass, turf type factory made,

products sold at home and abroad! Our philosophy: innovation, to provide you with cost-effective artificial turf!
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