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  • ①The ready concrete ground for the field
  • ②Moving artificial grass and accessories for the ground
  • ③Drawing line clearly on the surface of site
  • ④Drawing the lines for the semi-circle on the site
  • ⑤Cutting the white lines according to the filed size
  • ⑥Finished the cutting of the white lines
  • ⑦Rolling out the artificial grass for install
  • ⑧Making two rolls of grass more closer
  • ⑨Putting joint tape under the grass
  • ⑩Fixing the joint tpae with nail

AoJian artificial turf industry Co. Ltd. (Brand: AAG) is a professional production of various kinds of football field turf, artificial turf landscape greening, artificial grass, decorative artificial grass, turf type factory made,

products sold at home and abroad! Our philosophy: innovation, to provide you with cost-effective artificial turf!
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