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Helping the Development of Chinese Football Youth Academy
2019-01-23       17:16:18From:Aojian
According to news reports, the 2019 China Football Association National Youth Football Training Conference ended in Shenzhen on the 17th. The conference was held to promote the overall improvement of the youth training system in 2019, and to report to the participants on the orientation and tasks of the youth training work, the construction of the youth training system with Chinese characteristics in the new era, the integration and improvement of the youth training center, the construction of professional
management team, the training of elite players in the youth national team, the progress and challenges of the youth training work.

Youth training is the basis of football development. To develop Chinese football, we should not only strengthen the construction of youth training system, but also popularize social football work, expand the registered population of football, recruit excellent football coaches, and provide enough artificial lawn football training ground.

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