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Asian Cup: National Football Team 2-1 Reverses Thailand's Pr
2019-01-21       17:44:53From:Aojian
According to news reports, in the 1st/8th elimination match of the UAE Asian Cup in 2019, the Chinese men's football team played against Thailand. In the first half, the Thai team took advantage of corner kick to win the first place. However, in the second half, the Chinese team scored two goals in succession by Xiao Zhi and Gao Lin, who came on as substitutes, and overtook the score. In the end, the National Football Team beat Thailand 2-1 and broke into the top eight.
This is the first time that the National Football Team has won the knockout stage since the 2004 Asian Cup. As far as we know, the National Football Team has been crushed against Thailand in the early years, until the famous 1-5 match in 2013, which set the record of the biggest point difference loss against Thailand in the history of national football, and the national football team has also been criticized most severely by the outside world. From the viewpoint of Aojian Man-made Lawn Industry Co., Ltd., it is not terrible to lose the game. What is terrible is to lose confidence and momentum. I hope the national team will have a good mentality and go all out. Looking forward to the next 25 January with Iran against the Warring States Football Team performance!

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