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How to choose artificial grass manufacturer?
2019-01-23       10:30:34From:Aojian
Three major hubs for judging the pros and cons of artificial turf: anti-aging, color fastness and wear resistance.
1. The so-called anti-aging is the ability of the lawn to resist aging. How to keep the lawn youthful and stay green for a long time?
   When producing artificial turf grass, anti-aging additives will be added, which is also an important component of artificial grass. Under the premise of setting the temperature and humidity environment, the Omega machine WOM is used to simulate the normal solar ultraviolet irradiation artificial turf, that is, artificially simulate the weather, reach the set time, observe and test the color of the artificial turf and the related physical functions, and call it It is tested for artificial turf anti-aging function.
   Under the premise of normal weather, the artificial turf with strong anti-aging function does not fade easily, and it does not easily become brittle. The artificial turf field with strong anti-aging function is more durable and less chaotic, rarely loses grass seedlings, and has a longer service life. .
2. Color fastness: The color fastness of grass is the degree of fading under external factors (friction, water washing, rain, exposure, light, etc.) during use or processing, and is an important indicator for evaluating artificial turf. .
   Significant fading after sun exposure, and uneven fading, indicates that the color fastness of the grass is not up to standard.
3, wear resistance: the performance of wear-resistant function and the DTEX value of grass silk are interrelated, is one of the important indicators of artificial turf, the higher the Dtex value of the lawn, the better the wear resistance of the lawn.
   Through the nail roller on the Lisport test equipment, the artificial lawn sample was rolled back and forth. When the normal use was simulated, the athlete wears the nailed sneakers to move on the lawn. After a certain period of time, the wear and maintenance of the lawn are repaired and evaluated. The artificial turf with good wear resistance is more durable and has a longer service life.

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